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Smith is an American television drama that premiered on September 16, 2006 at 10:00 p.m. ET on CBS. Created by John Wells, the show follows a group of professional thieves who struggle to keep their work separate from the rest of their lives. The leader of the group Bobby Stevens seeks to end his criminal ways after a few more big scores. His plan is not successful and his wife Hope becomes suspicious. Bobby has a day job as a salesman for a paper cup manufacturer, which allows him to travel frequently. Each episode portrays a heist or preparation for other jobs the thieves plan to undertake. Ongoing subplots examine each of the characters' double lives, a necessity in order to stay one step ahead of the authorities and shield their families.

Show Keywords: outlaw, thief, heist

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Watch Smith season 1 episode 7 (S01E07)

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Between big jobs, Tom, Jeff and Annie work on smaller burglaries, while Bobby gets an intriguing long-term job offer from a friend in Montreal, Canada.

Watch Smith season 1 episode 6 (S01E06)

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As Jeff and Tom flee a revenge-seeking hothead, Bobby's attempts to blend in with his neighbors lands him and his family at a barbeque attended by many off-duty LA cops.

Watch Smith season 1 episode 5 (S01E05)

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After 5 weeks of planning, the plan is set into motion. The team fakes a car accident inside a tunnel to trap the rmored truck en route to receive the gold. With a really small margin of error, the team has to complete their job before anyone realize that something is going on.

Watch Smith season 1 episode 4 (S01E04)

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While the team continue to plot their next job, stealing a huge load of gold, Bobby has to find a way to discourage Hope to following him. To replace Shawn, Bobby recruited a new tech guy and is put to test by the team. Meanwhile, Macy is still harassed by Shawn's former bookie for an unpaid debt.

Watch Smith season 1 episode 3 (S01E03)

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Bobby and his team get ready for their next job-starting with raiding an empty cash transport vehicle. Wanting to discover what Bobby is up to, Hope chooses to follow him. Macy moves into Joe's apartment following the continuing harassment from Shawn's bookie. The FBI starts to question whether the team is as ingenious as their previous gigs led them to believe.

Watch Smith season 1 episode 2 (S01E02)

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FBI begins their investigation to find out the identity of Smith. Bobby's wife begins to suspect that her husband played a part in the Pittsburgh museum robbery. Jeff and Tom join Annie, who's working on a side job. Joe has to lie to Shawn's wife about the disappearance of her husband.

Watch Smith season 1 episode 1 (S01E01)

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Bobby Stevens, a professional thief who is aiming to retire after a couple of big gigs, is given his next assignment-breaking into the Tanner Museum in Chicago. Bobby and his crew are set to steal some valuable paintings, when their carefully executed plan goes awry.

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